Your Personal Life Coach, Ellie Phillips…

Coaching is without a doubt THE best training and development I have ever experienced – and I am here to share this knowledge with YOU!

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For Businesses

Coaching is the most bespoke training your employees will ever receive. It is all about them and how they can better support themselves and your business. Presenteeism costs three times the amount of sick pay so it makes financial sense to provide support for employees prior to presenteeism occurring.

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1-1 Coaching

No one knows you better than you know you - You have the power to live the life you desire. Coaching will enable you to create goals and have clarity over the path you wish to take that is right for you not what friends, family or society thinks is right for you.

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Kind words

“I found my sessions with Ellie incredibly beneficial”

What I really liked about Ellie’s coaching was it was done in a highly professional and unassuming manner.

I learned a fair bit about myself and I have used this to make important decisions I probably wouldn’t have been able to do with her input. I would and most definitely will recommend her to anyone who is in need of a little guidance in their lives.

Keep up the great work Ellie!

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